Adam Tabriz – MD., Founder, Chief Executive Officer

As a Physician with many years of experience, Dr. Tabriz acknowledges the problems of the modern-day healthcare system and the dearth of focus on the doctors' and patients' requirements. That is why he has spent a lifetime studying what a genuine doctor-patient relationship entails. Based on his extensive experience, he has developed a strategy to set up and manage outpatient operation centers that emphasize the quality of personalized patient care. His expertise in risk management, patient assessment, merit-based physician reimbursement, and regulatory measures enables Dr. Tabriz to develop comprehensive management programs that appropriate patients' needs and independent medical practices.
Dr. Adam Tabriz is the source of ideas behind Px6. He identifies what the system has to see to establish logistics of better medical care for patients and their clinicians. Above all, his vision ensures immeasurable medical care while coping with the 21st-century healthcare infrastructural disparities. From establishing an outpatient medical practice to continual quality and compliance assurance to operations centers, and have always placed greater emphasis on the quality of patient care in this context. His expertise in risk management, patient assessment, and regulatory measures enables Dr. Tabriz to develop comprehensive management programs that fit. He is the source of ideas behind Px6 and knows what the system has to do to establish better and, above all, limitless health care and cope with the current challenges.


Paul Verdone – Chief Operating Officer, Chief Architect

Mr. Verdone looks back on 35 years of experience in software development and system design. He installed the first fiber-optic animation production LAN in New York City and was one of the early adopters of motion tracking systems. In the course of his career, he has worked as Vice President for Technology at Blue Sky Studios, Senior Technical Project Manager for Organic Online at Blockbuster Video, Senior Development Consultant at Revolt TV, Vice President of Engineering at Klique, and Senior Vice President of Engineering at of the Ghost Management Group. In addition, he was the (co-) founder of Wider Vision and a past founding member of the SGI Silicon Studio and its conferences.
His involvement with Dr Tabriz and his products goes back over many years, and contributes the technology components and structures to enable the data services for the medical community.
More recently, Paul likes to stay Hands on with all technologies and involved with many startups. He prototyped and coded the backend api and setup DevOps and SecOps in GovCloud for Second Front Systems initial release of the Atlas Fulcrum Process Management product for the AFWERX division of the Air Force. He works with to setup and extend a global multi-cloud secure infrastructure for their Crypto Currency Blockchain Regulatory Support Services.


Reynold Samoranos – Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Samoranos has been a Chief Financial Officer since 1991.  He is recognized for his domestic and global leadership in financial, operational, investments, and strategic business management.  He recently worked at CFO COO Consultants, Inc. as a CFO Management Consultant, working with start-ups, non-profits, private companies, and government.  Before CFO COO Consultants, Reynold worked for various institutional Investment Firms as the Chief Financial Officer, COO, and CCO, including – Hanson Investment Management Company, a $2.5 Billion domestic equity firm, Newport Pacific Management Company, a $3.0 billion international investment firm, and Hammerman Capital Management, LLC, an Opportunity hedge fund.   Reynold received his bachelor’s of science degree in Business Administration from the Haas Business School at the University of California, Berkeley, and an MBA in finance and international business from the Booth Business School at the University of Chicago.


Bahareh Saeidolzakerin– Chief Executive Officer Germany, International Project Coordinator

Ms. Saeidolzakerin is a computer scientist with experience in sales and Business Relations. For Px6, she has taken on the role of International Project Coordinator. She is also the managing director for PX6 Medical Systems, UG in Germany. Bahareh brings a unique skillset to PX6, then again, is precisely what the company requirements want- friendly spirit for the Public, ambition for the endeavor, passion for responsibilities, skill for technical tasks, and structure for problem-solving.
The blend of Beahareh’s inherent talents, along with her supportive marketing team, has brought a sizeable network of doctors and professionals to Px6’s doorstep to acquire a healthy user base and launch the platform.


Mark Youssef – MD., Medical Director

Dr. Mark Youssef is the Medical Director of PX6 Medical Systems. As a board-certified cosmetic surgeon, he specializes in surgical enhancements of the face and body and minimally invasive cosmetic procedures. Recognized by his peers in Plastic Surgery Practice Magazine, he is one of the country's best cosmetic and plastic surgeons. Dr. Youssef has become the cosmetic surgeon many celebrities, entertainers, business executives, and even fellow physicians rely on for precision cosmetic enhancements and natural-looking results.
As a certified trainer and speaker, Dr. Youssef travels internationally to share his expertise and knowledge with other physicians, teaching them how to perfect the latest techniques in cosmetic surgery and achieve natural, youthful results.
He has published numerous articles in national and international scientific journals and has trained and mentored hundreds of physicians worldwide.


Naim Heydarinami- Corporate Legal Consultant

Mr. Heidarinami has been working as a lawyer in Hamburg since 2014. His focus is on corporate and commercial law as well as in the M&A sector. Mr. Heidarinami will deal with the legal and structural issues.


Sam Ziaripour – Sr. Corporate Sales Strategist, Member Advisory Board

As a dedicated corporate sales strategist, Sam is a passionate professional and takes pride in what he does. Discovering the customers’ needs and how his products fulfill every aspect of those needs is what he enjoys each day. Facing that challenge of getting to the decision-maker and helping them see the excellent fit of the product with their business is what he finds exciting.
Sam brings over six consecutive years to achieve sales above quota for as much as 134% above his share responsibility, despite customers’ severe cost-cutting measures from 2008 – 2020. His Expertise in virtualization and cloud-based product sales is unmatched while selling them to professionals equal in knowledge and those who need the education to understand the advantages.
While being a dedicated sales strategist to our team and many large tech companies, Sam’s talent does not stop there. He is the founder of Blindly dating App located at the center of Silicone valley. PX6 finds his innovative style of professional life a priceless asset to the company.
Sam brings all sales data and forecasting software expert-level user talent, including, Cognos, Model N-Revenue Management, Siebel, and Oracle 11i. He has a track record of winning corporate sales awards and incentive programs. And above all, his passion for sales – with a specialty in IT products and deep knowledge of industry trends and competitors’ products is beyond appreciation.