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Blount County, Tennessee, Makes Major Burglary Arrest on May 17th, 2023

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News may 17th 2023 Blount County
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Overview of the Burglary Arrest in Blount County, Tennessee

In Tennessee's Blount County on February 12, a series of burglaries in residential properties, outbuildings, and utility trailers eventually led to an arrest on May 17, 2023. The Blount County Sheriff's Office claimed that the arrest was related to the burglaries but declined to reveal the location of the arrest.

On May 17, Blount County Sheriff's Office made two arrests concerning a February 12 burglary and vandalism incident. The incident occurred on Ellejoy Road, where the culprits targeted a residence, outbuilding, and utility trailer and ended up stealing multiple items. After investigating the case, deputies were able to apprehend the two suspects.

Blount County Sheriff's Office has succeeded in catching a suspect who has recently been identified as Jamie Bunt. The authorities have not yet shared details regarding the suspect. More information might be revealed as the investigation is still underway.

Over the years, several arrests, including burglaries and other criminal occurrences, have been made. The Blount County Sheriff's Office is committed to ensuring the community's safety by working hard to bring the culprits to justice.

Officials, both local and those involved in law enforcement, have responded to the matter. Their statement acknowledges the issue and their intentions to address it. The proposed plan of action consists of a series of steps and measures that aim to resolve the problem and ensure its prevention in the future. Additionally, the collaboration and cooperation between the parties involved are crucial in determining the matter.

In Blount County, Tennessee, law enforcement officials have taken action following a burglary arrest. The Blount County Sheriff's Office has reported that two suspects are in custody for committing multiple home burglaries. The Knoxville Police Department, an authorized Tennessee law enforcement agency, has also investigated and arrested the offenders. Recent arrests have been made in the region for theft and domestic violence allegations in addition to this most recent one. This display of law enforcement dedication exhibits their determination to safeguard the community and hold criminals accountable for their actions.

Amidst the news of a recent burglary arrest, community leaders and local officials have responded with action. The Blount County Commission, responsible for overseeing the government in the area, has hosted meetings to ensure that the necessary steps are being taken to combat residential burglaries. Meanwhile, community members continue demonstrating their apprehension and supporting law enforcement authorities. Amid this discourse, however, the emergence of attempted murder charges against a shooting suspect serves as a reminder of the community's need for continued safety and ever-present watchfulness.

The significance of the burglary arrest's effect on the surrounding neighborhood cannot be overstated. It indicates that crime isn't limited to one area, and people must remain watchful, reporting any strange behavior to law enforcement. This event also warns individuals considering a criminal activity that local law enforcement performs their duties diligently in thwarting and resolving crimes within the region. Community safety and general welfare can be upheld through joint efforts of the authorities and the public.

The Burglary Arrest Background and FollowUp

The arrest of Robert Wayne Jennings and Amanda Nicole Jackson due to their engagement in several home burglaries was recently reported by the Blount County Sheriff's Office on May 17, 2023. Records indicate that Jennings has had trouble with the law, having been charged with aggravated assault and taken into custody multiple times for various offenses in Tennessee. Conversely, Jackson's criminal record is relatively insignificant.

Jennings and Jackson faced burglary, theft, and criminal trespassing charges after the Blount County Sheriff's Office investigated several burglaries at six residences. Charges were filed against the two individuals.

Amidst ongoing court proceedings for Jennings and Jackson, the legal repercussions of their actions are yet to be determined. Scheduled to appear in Blount County General Sessions Court on May 22, 2023, Jennings is currently being held on bonds totaling $500,000. Possible penalties for their charges range from fines and probation to time behind bars. Continuous updates will be made available via Blount County Court Records and Arrests.


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