A Medical Practice Cyber-Physical-Human logistic System (CPHS) 

The Modern Logistics For Modern Healthcare

Technology. Strategy. Turnkey Support


Personal Experience is our Inspiration

Px6 vision is to become the world's most personalized healthcare network where patients, physicians, allied healthcare providers, and every person holding a stake in the healthcare industry thrive, have equal opportunity, and grasp all options they may desire.


Empowering Doctor-Patient Relationship is our Mission

Px6 Medical Systems' mission is to continually improve the patient and physician experience by raising the bar on the quality and value of medical service. Px6 will create a free, open-source virtual healthcare market space for every individual. To do so it utilizes decentralized technology, custom strategy, and personalized support.

PX6 enables every Patient, clinician, and stakeholder to find, realize and obtain products or services from anyone, anywhere, be it virtual or in-person. It empowers independent physicians and healthcare entrepreneurs to maximize their success as long as they incorporate the welfare of the Patient within their core values.


21st-century Healthcare needs a scalable Infrastructure  

The first-ever open virtual Hybrid Healthcare Marketplace

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the global Healthcare System of 2021 is still suffering from shattered infrastructure.

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Patients Demand Personalized Care

Realistically the 21st-century patient wants better, more options at a competitive rate.

Patients in the United States also worldwide are facing poor distribution of physicians, mental health, and rehabilitation centers needed for quality medical care. Rural citizens, in particular, are being penalized due to resource imbalance. Thus they don't receive the quality care they need, even though better options could be available for patients. In fact, according to the study published by World Health Organization and supported by other investigative reports, the healthcare logistic infrastructure at the world stage still lacks significantly.

Even for patients who have the privilege of living in one of the economically developed societies, often, their local system is failing to meet their expectations, be it due to cost or unmatched policies. That is why every so often, patients in those societies revert to alternate solutions, such as "Medical Tourism."

Or Simply Patients are suffering from "Expectation-Experience Mismatch."

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Small Medical Practices need to be competitive

Amids Value based Reimbursement small Medical Practices deserve to be competitive

Amidst increasing value-based reimbursement protocol, associated with increasing administrative burdens, increasing patient expectations, as well as legislative mandates, independent physicians are increasingly overwhelmed and every so often burnt out trying to sustain what they do best; deliver top-notch medical care to their patients.

In the face of all the technology and resources available to physicians, they are still struggling to offer the highest possible quality medical care across all socioeconomic and geographic borders and meet the quality standards dictated to them by the administrators.

According to, PwC's Health Research Institute (HRI), forecasts healthcare industry will face uncertainty in 2021 amidst post-pandemic reshaping of the financial sector and growth that is expected to generate a more agile, modern supply chain. Therefore independent physicians and small practices need resilient infrastructures and supply chains to absorb future administrative and economic shockwaves. Larger organizations have the resources to adapt to such demand; however, small medical practices are and still be lacking if they don't modernize their logistic infrastructure.


The solution to Fever waning Healthcare Logistics

"The World's utmost doctor-patient-centric network."

"Alike quality of medical care irrespective of in-person occurrence or virtual encounter."

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Perfect Execution

Optimizing Health care delivery in areas of conflict and crisis, Health care equity amid all, Medical treatment accessibility for all, Sustenance of healthcare manpower, improving public trust of health care workers, capitalizing on technological advancements, Reducing Physician administrative burden, while preserving their independence, ensuring Data safety, rewarding individuals for engaging in healthcare delivery for self as well as others.


A Real Success

Px6 intends to establish a collaborative atmosphere that is Personal, Precise, Independent, decentralized, affordable, and most of all competitive. It will utilize "Technology," "Custom Strategy," and Turnkey organizational support to create a "Healthcare Without Borders" which extends beyond socioeconomic and Geographic Boundaries.



Exceptional Achievement

The PX6 Medical Systems Virtual point-of-care system (POCS) combines immersive and physical experience along with virtual admission to an open free healthcare marketplace to streamline the patientcare at every single point of service. The mixed reality technology provides 3D experience with real-time data stream, as it will bring doctors, healthcare providers, stakeholders and patients together irrespective of distance and location and time. Using Px6 patients can benefit from consulting with top medical professionals irrespective of their location and socioeconomic state. Designed for use by physicians, pharmacies, medical spas and clinics, patients, nursing homes and other healthcare providers, the point-of-care system will use clinical information, Machine learning and predictive analytics to detect and prevent errors and complications.

Competitive Edge

Perfect Execution

PX6 Medical Systems is the only "grassroots" HIPAA Compliant Healthcare Marketplace that will deliver the complete healthcare system to your personal access. It will enable physicians, medical practices, pharmacies, medical suppliers, healthcare consultants, and other contributors to the highest quality care. PX6 Medical Systems-ITDP: advances Telehealth to a new level combining wearable medical device technology with augmented reality experience. Augmented Reality Medical Exam & Diagnostic system with Real-time Immersive Physician-Patient Experience. businesses to open their own virtual offices and stores. Every Individual will be in control of their personal private data and allow stakeholders to open virtual shop and