Amid COVID-19 Pandemic Global Healthcare more than ever needs Px6's Remote History, Physical Exam & Diagnostics

A decade ago, it would have been futuristic if we thought of performing a complete physical exam (that included simulating touch and Auscultation) from thousands of miles. But today, PX6 transforms novelty into the efficacy of tomorrow.

PX6 Medical Systems-ITDP: advances telehealth to a new level combining wearable medical device technology with augmented reality experience. Augmented Reality Medical Exam & Diagnostic system with Real-time Immersive Physician-Patient Experience.


End-to-End Administrative Support: The first hands-on, dynamic practice-management system for independent medical practices.

At Px6 Medical Systems, we understand that technology without practical support will fall short of sustaining the ideal medical practice and healthcare delivery systems. That is why Px6 has created a scheme that coordinates and streamlines Technology and Organizational support.

PX6 Medical Systems allows physicians who practice outside of the larger organizations, giving them the tools and support they need (such as Turnkey Organizational Support, Custom SAAS Solution, Custom Protocols, Custom “Hands-on” End End Practice backing).

Dedicated Px6 staff will always be there for our clients, making them competitive and professionally sovereign.


Medical Record Valet (MRV) is the logistics for Data Safety, Personal Sovereignty and Peace of Mind

Over the past decade, after costly ($36 billion in the United States alone) efforts to turn paper medical charts into Electronic Health Records (EHR), administrations hoped to make health care better, safer, cheaper, and patient private data more secure. But, ten years and later, most EHR systems are still a clutter. Inside a digital revolution that took a wrong turn.

Today, amid striving efforts, patient information is less than safe and traded for money.

The majority of the data mining on personal data and trades up-to-the-minute are carried out legally without individuals' knowledge through 100% transparency.

At PX6, we believe every individual's data is their sole property. That is why we offer a system of record-keeping at no cost to our patients through which allows them "one hundred percent ownership" of their rightful property, "THE DATA."

At PX6, everyone can trade, exchange, authorize, provide and eventually revoke access to their data to any 3rd party under any condition for any period they wish. And PX6 will always be there to ensure transparency and support "only upon our clients' go-ahead."

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PX6 allows opening the replica of your existing business on its "Virtual Platform" 

Whether you are a physician, Allied Healthcare Provider, or a business that offers a service to the healthcare industry, Px6 has your back!

"At PX6, we believe a person's experience in a virtual setting must that of their physical experience."  

Through PX6, you can establish your dedicated virtual / Immersive business (office, Store, or clinic), hybridize it with your "Real" office, and synchronize your system experience with your clients in real-time.

PX6's immersive experience and actual physical experience and virtual admission to an open free healthcare marketplace to streamline patient care at every single point of service, be it a Clinic, Medical store, Administration office, or Consulting firm. 

The mixed reality technology provides a 3D experience with a real-time data stream. It will bring doctors, healthcare providers, stakeholders, and patients together irrespective of distance, location, and time.

Using Px6, patients can benefit from consulting with top medical professionals regardless of their location and socioeconomic state.

Designed for use by physicians, pharmacies, medical spas and clinics, patients, nursing homes, and other healthcare providers, the point-of-care system will use clinical information, Machine learning, and predictive analytics to detect and prevent errors and complications.

Enjoying the View

Jobs for Urban and Rural neighborhoods 

One of the biggest challenges of our healthcare system is funneling the right resources and the workforce to rural and suburban neighborhoods. For decades, administrations have strained various clerical overtures to maintain quality medical services in designated underserved areas.

As of today, despite arm-twisting top-down orders to redistribute the workforce from well-developed to underserved areas, many still struggle to sustain quality care in those neighborhoods.

At PX6, we believe small medical clinics and Independent physicians are vital to establishing quality medical care for our underserved districts. And to sustain the rural and underserved urban clinics, we must be able to handhold them at their home.

Px6 system does just that!

Whether you hold a license in higher education or are a high school graduate, PX6 needs your help in your hometown!

Our professionals at PX6 will employ individuals from various skill levels; train and certify them to perform specific tasks. PX6 intends to mobilize the workforce to its clients from its particular geographic location. Because we believe the only person who understands an individual's needs other than him or herself is the one who lives in that community.  


The first-ever Free Healthcare Marketplace

It is a fact supported by many studies that modern patients expect high-quality medical care, more options to chose from at a fair cost. It is also a recognized fact that there are many businesses, clinics, and organizations that can collaboratively fulfill such demand. But the major issue is that the infrastructure for such a collaborative environment is utterly lacking. Instead, the transnational use of medical treatments has become a global trend where patients from various socioeconomic territories travel to other countries searching for the medical care they want. On the other hand: patients are "on the road" around the globe in search of surgical bargains and good body optimization, less waiting time, or in the desperate hope of healing – it costs what it wants.

One of the most favorable factors in medical tourism is the poor performance of the respective health system, in which the medical-technical quality and accessibility to the services are limited or too expensive

At PX6, we believe the first step towards meeting every patient's expectation is establishing an open, transparent space where everyone can search, interact and find their product and service of their choice by making an intelligent decision.

PX6 Medical Systems Marketplace will bring the entire healthcare system to every individual's doorstep. It will eliminate logistic barriers to medical care by launching the first open virtual healthcare marketplace.

PX6 will bring all healthcare stakeholders together short of boundaries.

The HIPAA-compliant marketplace will enable physicians, medical practices, pharmacies, medical suppliers, healthcare consultants, and other businesses to open their virtual stores.