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Business and Medical practice operations analysis and planning.

Turnkey Practice Support, particularly for clinics and businesses contemplating Medical Tourism Packages, can provide numerous benefits to help your medical practice grow and succeed.

Firstly, an administrative support team can help you with scheduling appointments, managing medical records, and processing insurance claims. This frees up time for you to focus on providing quality patient care.

Secondly, a marketing team can help you promote your practice to potential patients and increase your visibility in the community. They can create compelling content and campaigns to attract more patients to your practice.

Thirdly, a customer relationship management (CRM) team can help you manage patient relationships and ensure that they receive the best care possible. They can keep track of patient histories, preferences, and feedback to ensure that each patient has a personalized experience with your practice.

Finally, having continuity of care support can improve patient outcomes and satisfaction. This support can help you manage patient transitions from one care setting to another, ensuring patients receive consistent care throughout their treatment journey.

Have you ever considered the advantages of having end-to-end hands-on administrative, marketing, CRM, and continuity of care support for your practice?

Revolutionizing Medical Tourism: PX6's Logistic Planning and Execution Platform for Businesses!

With our end-to-end professional business support, we cater to the needs of medical clinics and businesses in medical tourism. Our comprehensive services make it easier for you to achieve your business goals.


We start with a marketing analysis to understand your requirements and create a customized marketing strategy to achieve your goals. Our sales funnel services help you to reach potential customers and convert them into loyal clients. We also provide reputation management services to help maintain a positive image of your business.


Our CRM services help you acquire and retain customers and build customer loyalty. We also provide analysis and corrective action planning to ensure your business is always on the right track. Our client success nurturing program ensures we always support you whenever you need us.

Trust us to help you find the best healthcare services worldwide with our Global Shopping Mall for Medical Services. Choose End to End Professional Business Support for all your business needs.

Professional  Resources & Services

Technology / Virtual Platform​

  1. Continuity and Chronic Care Management.

  2. Medical Practice Management

  3. Marketing Solutions 

  4. Remote Patient Monitoring System

  5. Virtual interactive consultation.

  6. Text Consultation

  7. Virtual Consultation 

  8. Patient Engagement

  9. Patient Categorization

  10. Patient Referral

  11. Hands-on Support

Digital Marketing 

  1. Marketing analysis

  2. Marketing goals

  3. Marketing strategy

  4. Marketing mix

  5. Marketing monitoring.

Reputation management 

  1. Analysis 

  2. Action plan 

  3. Corrective action planning 

  4. Client success nurturing

Lead management 

  1. Lead Capture. The first step in any lead management system is lead capture.

  2. Lead Scoring. Once leads are safely created in Salesforce, they need to be assessed.

  3. Marketing Qualification.

  4. Lead Assignment.

  5. Sales Qualification.

  6. Lead Conversion.

  7. Trashing Leads.

  8. Lead Nurture.

Client Rations Management (CRM)

  1. Reaching a potential customer.

  2. Customer acquisition.

  3. Conversion.

  4. Customer retention.

  5.  Customer loyalty.


Continuity of Care Management

  1. Relationship Continuity

  2. Relationship Continuity

  3. Information Continuity