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Founder's Letter

Your Support is Important to our Healthcare system!


As a physician and a constituent, I would like to invite you to support PX6 Medical Systems.

PX6 is the foundation for a future healthcare system across the United States and beyond. It will save lives, improve the quality of healthcare, create “Healthcare without Borders” (HCWB), create jobs, introduce and expand quality care to underserved areas, maintain independent physicians’ practice, and, most of all, enable a better monitoring system for government agencies to ensure small medical practice compliance at the local, state and federal levels.

Healthcare in America is deeply flawed, as we pay more for lower quality care than any other country in the world. Independent physician practices are under a tremendous legislative burden. patients have fewer options than before.

Despite all political efforts by the legislatures to fix the healthcare problems, there is a significant difficulty securing quality care to our citizens across socioeconomic lines. Most of our citizens are dissatisfied with the quality of care they receive when better options are within our reach. Independent, small medical practices struggle to provide quality care to our citizens in a way that is cost-effective and compliant with government regulations.

Whether you are a physician, healthcare provider, business owner, or patient, your support is essential in order to distribute quality healthcare evenly amongst all socio-economic layers.

We live in a time when:       

Trillions of dollars are being spent on healthcare, but not  efficiently distributed

Emergency room visits are still among the highest expenditures of healthcare dollars

There is a clear need for small independent practices, especially in rural areas

Remote patient visits will be crucial for the healthcare industry

“Detailed” 3D imaging is a great motivator for patient compliance.

As the country’s healthcare system continues to change, the government has been promoting a value-based model for effective, affordable healthcare delivery. But while this transition may seem to be best for today’s healthcare model, is it really what’s best for consumers?  State and federal regulators want to control the healthcare system as closely as they can, and making all healthcare facilities function according to the same rules is one way to control it as inexpensively as possible.

Every physician follows a set of standards, protocols, and all patient records are centralized. This is a way to make a large, sprawling healthcare system become manageable and affordable.

We believe “healthcare for all” DOES NOT MEAN “healthcare coverage for all.” However, in broader terms, the most important, fundamental central constituent of a healthcare system is the individual (patient and/or healthcare provider) as opposed to a business entity, e.g. insurance companies.​

Despite all the technology and resources available to us, there is one piece missing, and that is the strategy. Taking choice and opportunity away from individual patients is very seldom the right answer to any healthcare problem in this country. There is a way to regulate the system without pressuring independent practices. The technology is being developed today that is able to link up the smaller practices with the larger health systems and make all health records centralized and give every individual control of his or her record. If independent practices use the right technologies, they should be able to remain in business, offer more choice to patients and become a seamless part of a larger, centralized system while keeping their autonomy. Healthcare management systems are now software-based, and patient records have been digitized. It’s a big improvement over stacks of paperwork piling up in every corner, but unfortunately, there’s still a lot of work to be done.
Dr. Adam Ray Tabriz

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